"Do More Than Just Lose Weight and Build Muscle...
Sculpt Your Body Into a Chiseled Work Of Art
With The A.T.T.R.A.C.T. Transformation System
And Become a Physique Artist Like These Proud Men and Women..."
  • New fat loss workout every month.
  •  New muscle building workout every month.
  • Every workout plan progresses from the previous month with the big picture in mind.
  •  Every workout plan has built in flexibility to suit your lifestyle.
  •  Every workout plan is designed with balance, symmetry, and proportions in mind. Sculpting your body into a chiseled work of art!
  •  Personalized calorie and macro targets to achieve your physique goal.
  •  Sample meals.
  • Flexible guidelines that suit your natural eating tendencies and lifestyle.
  •  Weekly check-ins to review your caloric/macro intake, body measurements, bio-feedback, challenges, and victories. Followed up with an action plan to keep the positive momentum rolling in the upcoming week.
  •  Get your most pressing fat loss and muscle building questions answered.
  •  Request a form check with exercises you wish to improve upon.
  •  Share meals and receive meal ideas from your fellow physique artists.
  •  Hold yourself accountable to your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
Meet Your Physique Coach
Scott Tousignant
Scott is a natural bodybuilder who views training as an art form and your body as a sculpture.

He has 19+ years experience helping others discover the joy in the process of carving out an aesthetic physique.
Dear friend,

This page has only been shared with a select group of physique artists who we appreciate and love to surround ourselves with.

So give yourself a pat on the back, because we totally think you ROCK!  

Working out has more meaning to you than the average gym goer who simply goes through the motions.

You love the feel of cold steel in your hands, the sound of clanking iron, and the smell of sweat in the air.

The satisfaction from the 'pump' keeps you coming back every time.

You've learned a lot over the years and experience has taught you well.

But still, there's something missing. That 'next level' that you've been learning for.

Becoming a true master of your physique and life.

And that's what the Physique Mastery Movement is all about.
Mastery Gives You Command And Control
Mastery is the knowledge and skill to do, use, or understand something exceptionally well.

Physique Mastery requires the knowledge to formulate a training plan with an optimal balance of rep ranges, a blend of training tactics, and an exercise combination to maximize your results. Even more important is the knowledge to develop a training system that strategically combines multiple plans in an effort to achieve your long-term goal.

Physique Mastery requires you to hone the skills required to execute the training plan. Continuously improving the quality of your form with each exercise is a must.

Physique Mastery requires the knowledge to design a meal plan that suits your goals, needs, personality, and lifestyle.

Physique Mastery requires the skill of awareness. Paying close attention to how your body responds to your weekly meal plan. How it responds to each meal. How it responds to each food. In terms of energy, satisfaction, physical changes, and emotional changes.

Physique Mastery is just as much about your mind as it is your body.

Physique Mastery is very lifestyle driven. It requires the knowledge to improve sleep quality and quantity. The knowledge to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment. It requires the skills to apply this knowledge.

And that's why we created the Physique Mastery Movement — a one-stop-shop where you acquire only the appropriate knowledge and hone your skills to gain complete control over your body and mind.
Here's How Physique Mastery Movement Works...
Physique Mastery Movement
Group Coaching Support Community ($400 value)
This is where you'll take each PMM workout plan to the next level and experience your greatest physique improvement ever!

It's one thing to have a strategically designed workout plan in your hand to follow...

...But, when you have the expert guidance of an experienced physique coach and the support from a group of highly motivated like-minded people, to help you execute the plan to the best of your abilities...

...You'll transform your physique faster than ever before!

Here's what you'll experience in the Physique Mastery Movement group coaching support community;
  • Expert guidance from a very experienced physique coach to keep you laser focused and on track with your training and nutrition.
  • You'll be following the same plan as a group. Sharing the experience together is incredibly rewarding. You'll have others who can relate to exactly what you are going through.
  • Request a form critique. Post a video of yourself performing an exercise from each PMM workout plan and ask for guidance as to how you can improve upon the movement.
  • Meal ideas and recipes. Share your favorite macro friendly meals and get ideas from others in the community who are also posting their favorite meals.
  • Use the community as your online food journal. Post your meals for the day and seek suggestions for improvement.
  • Share your daily goals to keep you focused on enjoying the process.
  • Hold yourself accountable to your weekly and monthly goals.
  • Post weekly progress pics for accountability and encouragement.
  • Hang out in a place where you feel like you totally belong.
PMM Workout Plan ($200 value)
Each month you will receive an optimized workout plan;
  • Physique focused training strategically designed to build rock solid muscle without the fat!
  • With built-in program flexibility to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

    This 'variable frequency' approach allows you to follow the plan 4, 5, or 6 days per week without effecting progress.
  • Advanced training techniques will vary every month. This will challenge your body in unique ways and keep your enthusiasm sky high!
  • Training splits and training frequency vary throughout the year. This is all part of the big picture outlook. A systemized approach to building your best body ever!
  • We can make recommendations for alternative exercises if you don't have access to a certain piece of equipment or if a specific exercise causes you discomfort.
NOTE: These insanely effective workouts are strategically designed to be used in a gym. These are NOT home workouts that can be done with just dumbbells. If you have access to very limited equipment Physique Mastery Movement is not for you.
Workout Log Sheets ($17 value)
The Physique Mastery Movement workout plans include printable workout sheets for those who prefer to put pen to paper and track your progress during your transformation.

Ensuring that you achieve the BEST results possible.

They are in PDF format, can be printed out, and can be downloaded onto your phone as well.
Follow Along Workout Videos ($47 value)
Each exercise in the pdf is hyperlinked to a video demonstration.

This is your backstage pass to observe the proper way to perform the exercises in each Physique Mastery Movement workout plan.
The proper execution of each exercise will make a world of a difference in the aesthetically pleasing results you achieve.
Exclusive Tracking App ($17 value)
Each Physique Mastery Movement workout plan is loaded up for you on our exclusive Physique Mastery Movement app.
  • Track the weight you lift, reps you perform and progress you make from week to week.
  • Receive positive feedback when you hit personal bests on both individual exercises and total weight lifted for the workout.
  • Watch video demonstrations of the proper execution of each exercise.
Nutrition Guidelines and Sample Meals ($47 value)
Experience LEAN muscle gains by following the simple Physique Mastery Movement nutrition guidelines that are included with your group coaching experience.

You'll receive direction in regards to how much you should eat and clarity on hot topics such as:
  • How and why you should include your favorite treats in your meal plan.
  • The best pre and post workout nutrition strategy.
  • Should you eat breakfast or skip it?
  • How many meals should you eat every day?
  • Should you include refeed days and cheat meals in your nutrition plan?
Total Value = $728
"Everything You Need To Immediately Begin
Sculpting Your Best Body Ever!"
With Physique Mastery Movement you have a complete step by step blueprint to follow. 

No guesswork. No frustration. 

This system includes:
  • A support community filled with like-minded people and expert guidance to help you get ripped and muscular in record time.
  • Done-for-you workout program to build ROCK solid muscle with chiseled details.
  • Follow along instructional videos.
  • Workout log sheets to print out or view on your phone/tablet.
  • Exclusive Tracking App
  • Nutrition guidelines, sample meals, and recipes to fuel your ripped and muscular physique.
It couldn’t get any more simple. But this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

Building a ROCK HARD chiseled body is going to take hard work and dedication on your part. You’ll need to give your very best effort while striving for your true potential.

Don’t worry. You have what it takes. Plus, we're here to guide you and support you every step of the way.

So let’s do this together and show the world what you’re made of!
Get Immediate Access To
Physique Mastery Muscle and
Begin Building Your Best Body Ever!
        Try It Risk Free.
        You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain
        100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

        You risk absolutely nothing when you invest in the Physique Mastery Movement with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

        Put the plan to the test. Enjoy the camaraderie within the community. Get your most pressing questions answered. Witness first hand, the excitement of building a rock solid physique with chiseled details. You will not only be satisfied, but we guarantee that you will be thrilled, motivated, and inspired. 

        But if for any reason at all you are not totally satisfied with the workouts or the community in your first 14 days, send us an email for a refund request and we'll give you your money back.

        We want you to build your BEST body EVER by applying the incredibly effective strategies in the Physique Mastery Movement workout plan and become a success story so others can be inspired by YOU.

        You owe it to yourself to at least try the Physique Mastery Movement and prove to yourself that you truly are capable of having an amazing body!
        Some Words from Our (Amazing) Community
        Get Immediate Access To
        Physique Mastery Muscle and
        Begin Building Your Best Body Ever!
              Your Questions, Answered
              Q: What is The Physique Mastery Movement and why is it the best way to build rock solid muscle and a physique that commands respect? 

              The Physique Mastery Movement is a group coaching experience that takes a big picture approach to your training, nutrition, and lifestyle. Each new monthly plan strategically feeds off the previous months workouts.

              The structure of each workout will take the guesswork out of your training while the variety adds excitement to each session.

              Each plan has built in variable frequency so it's easy to adapt to your current lifestyle rather than forcing your lifestyle to fit a rigid plan.

              Physique Training is the BEST for building your most aesthetically pleasing fitness model "look" because it applies a synergistic combination of exercises and protocol with a focus on developing spectacular symmetry and ideal proportions. Physique Training creates a finished and polished look that is both impressive and attractive.

              Q: Is this program ideal for me? 

              If you want to sculpt a respectable physique without the process taking over your life... then ABSOLUTELY Physique Mastery Movement is for you!

              Q: Is this coaching for men, women, or both? 

              The Physique Mastery Movement is designed for both men and women!

              Q: Is this a muscle building program or fat loss program? 

              Physique Mastery Movement is a lifestyle approach to building muscle without gaining fat.

              Q: Do I need a gym membership to participate in the program? 

              Physique Mastery Movement is designed to be used in a gym or a VERY well equipped home gym.

              Q: Will this program work for men and women over 50? 

              Absolutely! There are many men and women over the age of 50 who have been experiencing fantastic results from the PMM group coaching experience. You're never too old to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life.

              Q: Is this program suitable for a beginner? 

              No. Physique Mastery Movement is designed for experienced intermediate and advanced lifters.

              Q: Is the program available on dvd or hard copy book? 

              There is no hard copy or dvd. This is a downloadable program, which includes ebook in Adobe acrobat PDF format, audios in mp3 format, and online videos, which you can download to your computer or iPod.

              Q: Is it safe to order this program online? 

              Yes, the checkout page is on a secure server.

              Q: What if it doesn't work for me? 

              If for any reason at all you do not feel that this program is for you within the first 30 days, let us know and we'll cancel your membership.

              Q: What if I have questions or need help? 

              I are here to answer your questions and provide you with support every step of the way. I want to share in your journey and play a big role in your success. I love to interact with our customers.
              Get Immediate Access To
              Physique Mastery Movement and
              Begin Building Your Best Body Ever!

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